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GreyWolfTM relaxed fit riding gear is a new concept in off-road riding apparel. We didn’t invent the relaxed fit concept, that honor goes to the Levi Strauss & Co. What we did was introduce the idea to motorcycle riding gear. 

To find the right size, you can use the traditional waist size measurement method. But because the GreyWolf pant is cut to rise higher, the waist band will sit higher as well so keep that in mind when measuring. Our waist bands also have stretch panels so every pant will cover a range of sizes. That's why we offer pants in even sizes -- 38, 40, 42, 44 and 46.

Our pant sizing has been modeled on the Levis Relaxed-fit Dockers. If you know your size in this pant, you know your size for GreyWolf pants!

We've added some room in the thighs and our leg length and, therefore, knee location tends toward shorter inseams. Are you tired of asking for a size 38 pant and getting a long legged pant with the knees down at the shins? GreyWolf pants are for you.

Still we know some riders need a shorter leg length so we stop our liners at the knee. We don't include a cuff to stuff into your boot and, if the pant is really too long, they can be easily hemmed for length. 

All our jerseys are available in 
L and XL.







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